1. Joy Cheatham

    Your story continues to inspire. It is amazing, but not surprising that the Lord would put someone like “P” in your life. What an outstanding person she is to have done that with you and to have gone before you.
    You are in my daily prayers and you are loved. Fight on! xoxo

  2. Jen Hess

    Cathy, you make me stronger in my fight with RA. Kick cancer’s ass! Praying for you, your sweet family, and the fight club daily!

  3. Corie Jones

    Cathy. your strength continues to amaze me. Your words are so touching and as you go through all that you’re going through I want you to know that you’re still so comforting to others. Your words and your feelings being so real are a testament to others that may be going through the same thing knowing that there is a brighter side on the other side. One day you and your children are going to look back on these days and they’re going to just be amazed at what a strong and wonderful mother they have. I’m praying for you all the time up here in Tallahassee and want you to know that you’re in my thoughts and I appreciate your honesty in your blog and your posts. Love you girlee

  4. Robin Moore

    In middle and high school I was always an admirer of your beauty and grace. You have a charm and a way about you that just makes you stand out. Even at your hardest moments you still have that essences about you. You continue to smile, live, and inspire always looking out for the good of those who may be struggling and going through the same thing. I continue to pray for your well being, your family, and those who are close to you. You are a one of a kind and I know you will win this battle.

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